Lash Extensions Procedure

Before your appointment:

Please make sure your lashes are perfectly clean. Clean them night before with oil free remover and mild soap . This is to ensure the lash extensions bond correctly to the host lash.

At the day of your appointment:

At the initial consultation we will talk about the shape and type of look you desire. After we decide on the look its time to start lashing:)

I will clean your lashes once again to ensure they are free of any proteins and oil. I will then place pads under each eye on the top of your lower lash to make sure they are not in the way and that they don’t get clued together with the top lash. Your eyes are kept closed for the entire procedure.

Then while you are napping ,I work with my tweezers carefully applying extensions to each individual lash using medical grade adhesive. The application takes approximately 2 hours.

After Care For Lash Extensions

To get the most out of your lash extensions please follow these simple steps:

1. Don’t use water on your lashes for 24 hours
2. For couple days don’t steam your face.
3. Even though I don’t recommend wearing mascara on your lash extensions,because it can shorten the life of the lash extensions, however if you have to then use water based mascara and remove it carefully with water based eye makeup remover.
4. Same for eye makeup. If you have to wear eyeshadow or eyeliner. Only use water based liner and powder eyeshadow and make sure you remove it before going to bed.
5. After the 24 hours you can wash your lashes, I recommend just standing under the shower head and let the water run through your lashes then carefully pat it dry, don’t rub.
6. Don’t pull on your lashes. Let it natural fall out.
7. When using your face cram and oils please be careful not to touch your lashes. Creams and oils are the eyelash bonding agents worst enemy.

And don’t panic when you see one or two lashes falling out each day. It is a natural process. You will just notice it more because you now have an extension on them. The extension will fall out with your own lash and thats normal. You already will have new lash on that very same place.