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#NoMakeup Look


Everyone is talking about this latest “trend” #nomakeup look and I love it! In my industry, every makeup artist will have hers or his signature look. Mine always has been hands down more natural, radiant, fresh look. Less is more in my opinion. (We are talking about the every day look.) Wedding and special events require just a bit of more makeup as you don’t want to look completely washed out on the picture, wearing a pale color dress.

The look is about you feeling confident in your own skin without piling on tons of makeup.

You still have to do few steps to achieve this simple, beautiful look though. You will need maybe 9 products ( which include your skin care products) and less then 5 minutes. I will share with you the best products that will help you achieve it.

1. Prep your skin. Exfoliate and cleanse.
As I always say to my clients, makeup looks 100% better on fresh,hydrated skin. So don’t skip this important steps.
I love using Cranberry scrub from SkinFitness. It is gentle on the skin and it smell amazing.

2. After the exfoliation, we need to put moisture back into the skin. I start with Charged Water Spray from MAC Cosmetics. I love this spray, I use it throughout my whole makeup application in between products.

3. Moisturizer!! I love Lait-Creme Concentre. It is my favorite face cream. Great for all skin types and it’s gentle.

4. Don’t forget about your eyes. You can use any oil or your favorite eye cream. I use Replete Eye restore.

5. Cream blush. Yes that is the next step. You are probably wondering why not foundation? Well, once its under the foundation it just appears softer, almost just like when you are naturally blushing. I use Mac Cream blushes.

6. Now it is time for foundation. Choose light weight foundation. My absolute favorite for the “no makeup ” look is Giorgio Armani Designer Lift with Sunscreen. For extra moisture, I mix it with few drops of the C+Lemongrass serum. Heavenly texture, soooo light:)

7. It’s time to spray the Charged Water again.

8. Apply mascara, very lightly.

9. Lips. Soft rose color in Baby Lips or even clear gloss.

I have also included TATCHA Luminous Dewy Skin Mist to spray the face after you are all done.

Hope you will have fun creating this super natural, beautiful look. 🙂 No more hiding this gorgeous face under the heavy makeup! xo

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