Bridal make-up tips.
1. You definitely want to start with Makeup Trial. It is highly recommended at last couple weeks before the wedding. It gives you a chance to discuss your vision with your makeup artist and create the look you will love.

2. I ask my clients to always wear white t-shirt for the trial. It would be easier for you to see how the makeup will look against your wedding dress ( assuming it will be white or pale color).

3. Start looking for images of make-up that you really like and bring them with you on the day.

5. When choosing your look, remember that certain looks are not for everyone. Bridal Makeup needs to have enough color to stand out next to the white wedding dress . Also you want to make sure you will not look washed out in the picture. I am not saying you must go heavy, but there must be a balance. Not too little , not too much ūüôā


6.When it comes to makeup.

SKIN: Start with making sure that your skin is on point. I personally focus on skin a lot when working with brides. Having a beautiful, glowy , radiant skin underneath of the makeup plays a big role how the whole look will come together. You can’t just airbrush foundation on your skin and expect it will be flawless. You must spend time preparing the skin first and you will see the difference.
I offer skin care services at my studio, however if you don’t have that option then you can simply do the quick skin cleanse routine at home.

One question that many brides ask me is, if they should go with airbrushed foundation or regular liquid foundation. It depends on your skin type. Are you very oily? then airbrush might be better for you. If you dry then liquid longwear foundation might be better. Also, you might take into consideration location of your wedding. Is it outdoor or indoor reception? If you will be out the whole time you will need to prep the skin for foundation with the different products that will keep the foundation on without separating and melting it away basically. These are the things you should discuss with your artist.

EYES: Remember these are my tips, all makeup artist will have different opinion and techniques. Every client is different so there is not one specific look that fits all. Great artist is supposed to look at you and know what will be the most flattering look for you. After discussing what you like of course. There is so many different looks for eyes, smokey, wink liner, matte, adding color,shimmer etc.

Whatever look you decide to go with adding lashes at the end is a must!¬†¬†I like to use¬†individual lashes rather then the strip lashes. They blend in better with your natural lashes and they¬†don’t irritate your eyes.

LIPS: Again so many choices. The only color I don’t usually choose is very pale color. It will look washed out in the pictures. I like rose, pink colors for natural look. However, I do like bolder lip colors if the eyes are more soft and natural colors.
7. Last important step to achieving beautiful, flawless look is to add highlights to your face. And don’t worry you will not look shiny:) One thing to remember here is, little goes a long way:) Just place it on the highest point of your cheeks, under your brow, little bit on the top of the lip, chin and done. Highlighting the face is a must for me when working with brides. It really makes the skin look younger and fresher. And it looks amazing in pictures.

SO here are quick tips for you and if you have any more question you can always email me here ! I will be more then happy to answer any questions you might have. xo